Temps plummet this weekend…

Where's the snow?

What a difference a year makes, eh?


Closer to average than THIS year!

Last year's snow cover (national)




An arctic front, straight out of the Yukon, is barrelling through Saturday morning, bringing a few hours of snow, blustery winds, and falling temperatures. So, after a pleasant end to the week, we will turn to Winter for a couple days. There will be another round of snow showers Sunday morning, and both could bring a few inches each. I think the wind direction is off too much for much Lake-Effect (too much towards the north-south direction versus NW to SE, so I don’t expect alot of added effect from either days’ snow. But a couple inches each day is certainly a possibility. The pulnge of cold air will only last till Monday morning, as temps will quickly recover to near and above norms for all of the next week. Next week does look pretty cloudy at this point, but with scant few storm chances. As for snow, typically we would be over 60″ for the season, but at present, are barely over 20″, so the deficit continues. Finally, if you’re counting, 39 days till (calendar) Spring.


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