Close, but no cigar (and no surprises)

A storm I’ve mentioned would move through to our south, but would increase clouds this afternoon is right on track, and will take the clouds with it overnight. Thus, it will leave us with a very bright Thursday (and much of Friday), with a warming trend. Lows tonight, near 20, highs tomorrow near 38F, and Friday near 40F. However, remember I’ve mentioned (and shown on air) a low pressure system in Canada, moving down towards Hudson Bay? I said it would have a ton of cold air wrapped around it, and as it makes it’s closest pass to us, it would swing that cold air in for the weekend. No changes, in fact, I’ve lowered my temps a little. So, expect a rude awakening Saturday morning. Snow showers will likely break out after 7pm Friday night, and could bring a few inches (jury is still out there), as well as Lake Effect behind it. The scenario will repeat Sunday morning too, with snow and then maybe Lake Effect. Between the two, we could have enough snow to shovel. The snow ends later Sunday, and the cold air retreats Monday morning.


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