Friday night flakes, Super Bowl predictions

A weak cold front will spawn some flakes tonight, but skies should clear up by Saturday lunchtime. Super Bowl Sunday should bring mostly cloudy skies and some more flurries, but no storms in sight, really. A cold front Monday night will bring more snow showers and a few hours of Lake-effect Tuesday morning, the same for Friday. Temps tonight down near 25F, Saturday near 33F, and Sunday near 35F. Monday still looks very mild, up and over 40F, but Tuesday expect little climb with the cold front passing through early in the day.

As for the Super Bowl, I’ll go with 68F and clear. Of course, it’s in a dome, so that’s not a stretch on my part 🙂

As for the game, I heard a good number earlier today. 31-27, G-men.


4 Responses to “Friday night flakes, Super Bowl predictions”

  1. 1 Gary Sroka
    February 3, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    Hey Jeff,

    I don’t do facebook, so I’m glad you have the forum here to leave a comment. Couple items, sorry, but Amanda Gable looks pretty good filling in for you… ha! Second, the 2 blobs of “precipitation” near Little Falls on the wx-cast that you mentioned are probably the windmills in Fairfield. You must have seen them in your exploration of Central NY. I have seen them show up on radars in the past. Thirdly, I have to say, you’ve got a good hold on CNY weather. I’ve been watching from the first day WUTR/WFXV news hit the airwaves last Fall. At first I was a skeptic, wondering how somebody from New Jersey would grasp the finicky CNY weather with it’s unpredictable lake effect, more than ample cloudiness and all that comes with it. I have to say, you’ve done a super job!!!

    Giants over N.E.??? not so sure on that one…! Best to you and the WUTR news team!


    • February 4, 2012 at 12:08 am

      Well thank you. As for the “how a Jersey boy would do with the nuances of CNY weather”, remember, at college, they don’t teach weather forecasting for where you live or grew up, it’s about the process of weather…which is above the ground…which is therefore applicable anywhere. What makes weather is the same in Vegas as it is in the Arctic as it is in CNY. The local effects are obviously somewhat more unique to a place, but even then, that kind of stuff (Lake effect, terrain/elevation differences, proximity to the ocean, etc) is covered in the Meteorology program also. And, since I’ve forecasted for nearly every part of the country at this point, there are few places I’d feel less than confident about forecasting for now. (For years, I forecasted for northeastern Ohio, a HUGE Lake-effect territory.) I think what people probably subconsciously picking up on may not even be the specifics of my forecast, but the way(s) I communicate it. It’s terms and words people use every day, and I found a way to repeat the forecast, 3, maybe 5 times in the course of the 3 minutes, without sounding “repetitive”…so the viewer therefore definitely knows the forecast, without having “tuning out” by boredom! And, of course, I try very hard to have fun with it too.
      Thanks so much for the comments.
      As for the Super Bowl, I take it you’re a N.E. fan?
      I really don’t have a dog in the fight (Steelers fan, shh), but I like the number…high scoring, close game. And, the Giants have done it before (4 yrs ago), plus that win in Green Bay told me all I have to know about if they are CAPABLE of doing it. Whether they actually do is what we’ll find out Sunday eve!

      • 3 Gary Sroka
        February 4, 2012 at 1:07 am

        Thanks for the reply Jeff. Northeastern Ohio, aha, so you;ve got an edge on lake effect as opposed from coming from Los Angeles for example.

        No, not a N.E. fan, Buffalo fan for many many years (New York’s ONLY NFL team!), maybe in my lifetime they’ll rise again!


      • February 4, 2012 at 2:17 am

        Oh, forgot to comment on this. I’m actually glad to have Amanda available. She’s familiar, she knows alot from our side (people, CNY, weather), and she loves filling in……..and after all I’ve been through the lst 6 months to get the (weather portion of) the product on the air (and dont forget internet, social media, radio, etc), I NEED some vacation time and am very happy that she wants to, and looks good doing it! She gets nice comments the 2 times she’s filled in so far, so I’m really glad! For her, for the station, for the viewers, and for me…so I can take time off!

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