50F today, and it’s 2 days from Groundhog Day!

Wow, and the temps weren’t even record-breakers! Temps today broke 50F in most of the Mohawk Valley and south, and even north of Rome/Utica, they reached well into the 40s. The mild weather continues tonight and most of tomorrow, with lows only in the mid-upper 30s, and highs Wednesday again well up into the 40s, maybe 50F briefly again! As for rain or snow (yeah, right!), expect some fog and mist tonight, and a little light rain Wednesady morning. That’s really it, through Sunday..maybe longer. Skies will break up a bit later tomorrow and Thursday, but I think alot of clouds will linger, until Thursday night. Friday could be bright, Saturday a little less so, then more so on Sunday. Temps will turn a little cooler after tomorrow.

As for Groundhog Day, I’ll be there, to bring back the “feel” of the entire event, and I’m pretty sure I know what Phil will predict…and early Spring. If I’m not mistaken, he usually goes 6 more weeks of Winter, so forecasting an early Spring is not his usual forecast.

Weather for Saturday’s “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” looks chilly, but fine.


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