Another coating of snow on the way…

A warm front without the attached storm (kind of a rare event, because they are usually the first part OF an entire storm, with the cold front being the final part of it), will pass through the area slowly tonight and tomorrow morning. It will result in a light but steady snowfall after 9pm tonight, until near daybreak Tuesday. I think southern parts of the area (Sherburne, Oneonta), will only pick up 1, maybe 2 inches. The middle part of our area (Ilion, Waterville, Oneida, Utica, Rome) will get 2-3 inches, and northern parts will get a bit more (3-5?) because the front will likely stall in the Adirondacks…and snow will slow down but not stop, up there, Tuesday.

Temps are another big story because they are going to soar (for January/February). Tonight, near 23F but rising after midnight, but tomorrow, by evening, near 43F, and only falling off a few degrees at night to about 38F, then climbing again to about 47 Wednesday! So, if I were a betting weatherman, with Phil’s announcement coming early Thursday, I’d be betting the farm on an “early spring” forecast!


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