Snow to rain, with slowly rising temps

Most of us saw snow at the start, but the storm track dictates that you shouldn’t get hopeful of something b igger, because with it being to our west again, it insures a changeover to rain by 7pm Thruway south, and by 9PM everywhere but northern Herkimer and all of Hamilton Counties. Up there, they could get 3-5″ before rain mixes in. But for 90% of us, it’s rainy tonight with slowly rising temps (from 32F to 38F by morning). Occasional rain Friday, till early afternoon. When the storm has passed us by, it’s winds will yank a cold front through, which shifts the wind from south to west, winds increase, air temps begin to fall, and rain may end as several hours of snow Friday PM. Both weekend days look very similar, with mostly cloudy days, and flurries later both afternoons and evenings…but with little/if any accumulation.

It’s a week from Groundhog Day, and I already know what he’ll see and say. My maps tell me he WON’T see his shadow, and it will therefore be an early Spring. Course, Winter hardly ever arrived, so this will come as a shock to nearly no one, by next Thursday!


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