A “weak” storm can still cause big headaches!

That’s what’s coming tonight, through tomorrow night. A weak storm is pushing in some “spotty” moisture, meaning light plus off and on, but that can be a big headache for several reasons. One, people don’t take it as seriously, and two, the storm is too weak to “flush out” the cold air in the valleys…valleys that “trap” it, where the winds aloft skim over in favor of the “peaks”. And, keep in mind that after the recent frigid-spell, the ground is PRIMED for iciness. So, expect the following progression:

Light on and off snow after 8pm-ish. Little accumulation through 2-4am…but then a change to light FREEZING rain, which probably goes through the entire Tuesday morning. That’s an issue. Hopefully, by afternoon, “barely warm enough” air will get it to stop freezing, so it’s just light spotty rain in the afternoon and early evening. However, a cold front will push in behind it, and a quick changeover to snow then comes tomorrow evening, around 10pm! So now, we have light snow, ice, rain, then back to snow! And we’ll probably pick up a couple inches overnight. Wednesday starts out with clouds and flurries, but the sun should shine long before Noon. But that cold front insures a rapid return to cold temperatures.

Another weak front means light snow Wednesday night into early Thursday, but first things first.


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