Ok, HERE comes the cold. For real. Tomorrow.

Get ready, get set, SNOW! COLD! WINTER! It’s coming. In the wake of today’s storm, just clouds and an occasional sprinkle through Midnight, with nearly steady temps. However, a cold front will come roadring through town early tomorrow morning, with strong and gusty winds, rapidly falling temperatures all day through night, and early rain (2-4AM) quickly becoming snow (6-8AM), and accumulating by lunchtime, grassy surfaces first, roads later afternoon, but before evening rush. For Herkimer County and WEST, I’d expect 3-5 inches, (less than 2 East), through the day and night. And the Lake will add a bit onto it overnight into at least part of Saturday. So you might tack on another 1-2″ through then, esp in western counties, as aforementioned. Bitterly cold winds will crank Friday through early Saturday, with wind chills easily falling sub-zero by Friday night, and lasting into Saturday. Actual air temps will gt down to 10 or 12F Friday night, only bounce up to 15F (if that!), and then sink sub-zero Saturday night. Sunday, don;t expect any more than maybe 15 for a high, and lows near zero again. A rapid warmup will begin Monday, mainly because the temps will have nowhere to go, but up, at that point!


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