Close call, tonight. Much colder by Friday.

Always trying to stay ahead of the curve, I’m alerting you now that Friday through next Monday will be very cold, so prep now! Winds Friday could exceed 30mph, meaning that wind chills by nightfall will likely go well sub-zero into Saturday.

To the current situation, a storm coming up from the south will bring clouds here by nightfall. the clouds SHOULD act like a blanket over the atmosphere, keeping it just warm enough that even if some snow began or mixed in (or ice in eastern valleys, meaning Herkimer County East), it should become a moot point, as temps will rise in advance of the storm overnight…not alot…but just enough to make it a moot point. So even if you went to bed with 2 inches on the ground, chance are that by morning, it’ll be soggy, not white. The first half of Thursday will hold the most and steady rain, with the afternoon and evening being just drizzly and raw. A cold front racing eastward behind the storm will get yanked through by the winds around the storm, Friday early morning. This is the reason for the abrupt change, with heavy winds and rapidly falling temps all day long. So, when you see my forecast high for Friday is  36F, know that this will occure BEFORE sunrise, and daytime temps will be in the 20s, and going down. It is entirely possible for us to pick up several inches of snow Friday, and a couple more at night into Saturday, with the latter more being from Lake Effect.

So truthfully, nothing in my forecast has really changed. The weekend looks even colder than I thought yesterday, with highs not breaking 20F Saturday, lows near zero, and for Sunday, maybe only 15, with lows again near zero!


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