Mild thru Thursday, then much colder

Couple more days touching or breaking 40F, Friday is a transitional day, and then much colder weather for the weekend. We are kind of in-between systems, without the usual high pressure in between, so we will be in and out of clouds tonight through tomorrow eve. A storm in the south is lifting northwards now, and will bring occasional rain late Wednesday night through midday Thursday. Meanwhile, a fairly vigorous cold front is barrelling out of Western Canada, and will move through Thursday night, bringing a period of snow into Friday morning. That front will turn winds off the Lake towards us, and so I expect the Lake machine to then turn on, keeping snow showers around Friday afternoon through much of Saturday. Meanwhile, much colder air will be pouring in, and when the skies clear Saturday night, the numbers will be going from cold to frigid 🙂

It’s hard to say how much snow to expect, but it will come in two waves. The first with the front early Friday looks like one of those 2 or 3 inchers, and then it’s all up to wind direction for part two. I’d hedge my bet towards another 2 or 3 into Saturday, so if that adds up correctly, we could see 4-6″ over the course of the two days, I suppose.

Course, even the few times it has looked like snow around here, the amounts have come in on the light side. So, maybe it’s just gonna be one of those years. More as we get closer.


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