Ya see, wha….haha…happened…

I still dont know! If I had the same scenario to do 10 times over again, I’d have made the same forecast for yesterday/today. Talked to a few weather friends, and no one has any idea what was missed, as far as snow coverage and totals. I mean, the Tughill did just fine, so did the eastern half (Herkimer County east), but there SHOULD have been large, heavy bands Utica and west, through Rome, Oneida, Cazenovia, down to Hamilton…and it just didn’t happen.

We move on.

Skies are clearing up nicely, and just in time for an event I didnt think we’d get a chance to see. Another meteor shower event. Peaks tonight! Now on the minus side, it will be very cold, near zero for many, with wind chills 10 below. On the plus side, no moon out till after 3AM, so sky conditions will be ideal. It averages 25 per hour, but this year, can be between 50-100 per hour! That’s a big deal, atronimically speaking.

As for weather, mainly clear skies and very cold, lows between 0 and 5F. Wednesday, increasing clouds, and warmth, highs late in the day, just over 25F. Temps only fall off a couple degrees Wed nite, and once again warm up overnight to near 30 by morning. Thursday, mostly grey, with a few snow showers, and highs around 33F. No big storms in sight…


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