Lake Effect Snow Warning through Tuesday

Heavy wind out of the west is bringing heavy snow to the TugHill region tonight…but that region will quiet down tomorrow morning, as a wind shift tonight more out of the northwest (ie not so much west) will focus snow further south and southeast into the heart of our community. Now, the further away from the Lake the lesser the effect, much like putting your finger over the nozzle of a hose…it sprays water everywhere, but the further from the nozzle, the less water your spot gets…the closer to the nozzle, the more wet you get. So, western Oneida, Madison, Chenango counties might get upwards of 6-12″ inches through the next 24 hours. Whereas places east like Ilion, Cooperstown, Oneonta, will get less than 3″ in total. The winds will be heavy tonight into Tuesday, and wind chills will be very low, frequently well under zero through this time frame. Weak storms may touch off snow showers Wednesday PM and again Thursday PM, with moderating temperatures.

It is good advice to not let the dog out for very long, and to protect the elderly and very young as well from outdoor exposure, because of wind and cold tonight through Wednesday. Also, please slow down, an expect poor driving and poor visibility while driving.


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