Drizzly till midday Saturday, then the quiet before the storm :)

Damp and drizzly weather Friday night through midday Saturday, with temperatures hardly moving. slightly milder air south of the area will be pushing in, offsetting the night time air, and the heavy moisture in the air will prevent big temp swings through New Years Eve. After a low Friday night near 33F, expect a high around or just above 40F Saturday, upper 30s at Midnite, low 30s by morning, and Sunday should be a very mild start to 2012, highs nearing 45F! Clouds will thicken again, and light rain is forecast for later Sunday or at night.

However, this is where the story turns…quite interesting.

The storm wont produce much itself, however, it will start wrapping up like an ice-dancer pulling in her arms, and the effect will be strong winds, off Lake Ontario by midday Monday, this will produce bands of heavy snow, which will only likely get heavier at night through midday Tuesday. I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to snowfall amounts, but an early guess would let me think 6″ could EASILY fall, and the upper limit could very well be well over a foot, especially west or northwest of Utica…but remember that would be for all of Monday and Tuesday. The heaviest action appears to take place Monday night through midday Tuesday.


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