A VERY active weather pattern

You will need a pocket calendar to kep up with all that is weather for the next 7 days! I will try to be “Readers Digest” brief.

A storm is obviously moving through tonight. As you see by now, it is indeed, as forecast, a rainmaker. The rain turns to just a soft drizzle by Midnight. Temps stay mild till then, near 40F. But after, a cold front waiting for this storm to pass, will zoom through, turning temps sharply colder. In fact, once temps start falling after Midnight, they will just keep falling all day and night tomorrow! And with that cold air pouring over Lake Ontario, expect some snow showers late tomorrow morning and afternoon. Maybe a minor accumulation. That will end early evening. Then just getting very cold. By the time Thursday afternoon gets here, a minor storm will have caught all this stuff passing through, so more snow showers are forecast. Again, a minor accumulation. Friday, another smal storm will be here already, as systems get backed up. Another minor accumulation. So, while each system after tonight is “minor”, in total they could create some ongoing accumulation. New Years Eve continues to look quiet. But Sunday, yet another small storm will bring snow showers (minor accumulation). More importantly than that, and take this for what it’s worth, since just a slight change in the weather charts can change everything, but the setup BEHIND that Sunday storm looks like a moderate Lake-Effect/snow squall event…which starts early Monday and continues through Tuesday. This is back to work/school for most, so this would have a major impact on activities, if it pans out. Just an fyi.


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