Will it or wont it?

A storm departing tonight will leave us with a few more lighter showers through the night, with mild temps. Thursday will see us in a lot of heavy cloudy cover, but little else, with nearly steady temps all day. However, recall that I mentioned flurries on Friday for awhile now? Well, it turns out now, that THIS storm, which looked like it would be farther south than the Saturday (Christmas eve) storm that I was hopeful would be close enough, will now in fact be closer and the Saturday storm will be a non-issue now! So, late Thursday night, I believe we will see light snow develop after Midnight, and continue through mid-morning Friday, to the tune of several inches. Flurries may linger through the afternoon, but most of it will be done well before Noon. Saturday, flurries, and alot of cloud cover for Christmas Sunday.

So, we may sneak out a white Christmas after all! It’ll just happen with the Friday storm, not the Saturday 🙂


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