Turns colder again later tonight/Christmas eve storm

A cold front passing through this evening is setting off sprinkles, but will bring a brisk wind and colder temperatures later tonight will be the bigger effect of this cold front. Lows will drop off into the lower 20s by morning, but then with cold air still coming in offsetting the sunshine, temps will be hard-pressed to get above the freezing mark. Tuesday will be bright though, with a small and fast-moving bubble of high pressure defending our skies. Tuesday night, clouds will rapidly return, and a funny thing will happen. Temps will fall off from those lower 3os into the mid-upper 20s early evening, but then rise all night long,  into the mid 30s by Wednesday morning. This means that incoming showers will likely be mostly or all wet, and not white late Tueday night and Wednesday. Highs should easily break 40F.

Update on a possible white Christmas; a storm will indeed be moving up towards us from the south, and computer models still indicate a secondary storm forming and taking over, off the Jersey coast Saturday evening, moving up the coast. Between the two storms, I think a significant accumulation is very possible…our first of the season, should it come to pass. We’ll see!


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