Rainy next 24-30 hrs. And snow updates…

Well, even I occasionally miss something. Today, and I didnt even think it was in the cards so I didnt bother checking in advance, but we set another record high! 49F, over the old record of 46F. Unbelievable. Tonights’ storm will YET AGAIN take the warm track, to our west through Thursday, however, it is possible that for the first few hours Wed eve, there could be pockets of freezing rain/drizzle north of here, around Old Forge.Otherwise, occasional showers tonight thru Thursday is expected. Colder Friday thru the weekend, with possible Lake-Effect Friday. Another day closer, and I fee confident on that. We’ll see on that, as wind direction is crucial for it to hit us. Snow showers are likely again Sunday, Monday, and another significant storm will hit us Wednesday. Well, that has suddenly looked promising, but being a week away, I’ll just say for now that it looks like SOME snow will be involved. It’s too close to call on the front end of the storm (rain vs snow), but the back half looks like snow. We’ll see. Finally, an UPDATE on the possible Christmas eve storm: The computer models ARE predicting a decent storm to be near. The storm appears to take the western/warm track, HOWEVER, the models indicate a new storm to spawn off the Jersey coast, which changes things…from wet to white. However, the very latest model indicates the new storm may track too far to our EAST now, so that we get little or nothing out of either storm nearby! Obviously this is a fluid situation, changing frequently, so we’ll just keep waiting and updating.


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