Little drizzle fer shizzle, and a Christmas eve update!

A little patch of drizzle may pass overhead this evening, so be aware of that. (Remnants of an old, dead storm.) Our next storm, currently in the desert Southwest will YET AGAIN take the warm track, to our west Wednesday night and Thursday, however, it is possible that for the first few hours Wed eve, there could be pockets of freezing rain/drizzle here, esp in our many valleys.Otherwise, occasional showers Wednesday night thru much of Thursday is expected. Colder Friday thru the weekend, with possible Lake-Effect Friday. Another day closer, and I fee confident on that. We’ll see on that, as wind direction is crucial for it to hit us. And finally, an UPDATE: I can look far enough into the future for Christmas Eve. The computer models ARE predicting a decent storm to be near. The storm appears to take the western/warm track, HOWEVER, NOW, the computer models are now indicating a new storm to spawn off the Jersey coast, which changes things…from wet to white. So while it didnt look too promising for snow as of yesterday, now I’d say it’s 70/30 in FAVOR of snow on Christmas eve. ALOT can change in 12 days…we’ll see. By the way, we lose daylight for another 10 days, but scant little more from now till then. In fact, we’ll gain in the evenings sooner than that, offsetting whatever loss in the mornings we lose until Dec 21. And then, the days get longer 🙂


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