Meteor showers, Freezing rain, and Christmas eve outlook!

Several stories in weather, tonite. First, the clear sky will allow story one to be worthwhile. A big meteor shower is happening, one of the 3 best of the year. The “Geminids”, because they appear to eminate from the constellation Gemini. You need to get outside and look northeast after 10pm tonight. It averages over 1 per minute, and can average 2 per minute! It comes in waves, so if you see one or two early on, stick around. If there’s nothing for 10-20 minutes, come back later. it continues tomorrow night, but it will be cloudy here. So, tonite’s the night. And the nice bonus is, these particular ones tend to be big, slow-moving fireballs, so the show can be excellent. Weather-wise, high pressure is supplying the clear sky tonight, and it will get cold, down into the low-mid 20s. However, a weakening system moving through the Upper Lakes will rapidly increase the clouds tomorrow around mid-morning, for a cloudy afternoon. There may even be a few flurries or sprinkles in the afternoon-eve. Highs near 40F. Mainly cloudy tomorrow night, low near 30-32. Another storm, currently in the desert Southwest will YET AGAIN take the warm track, to our west Wednesday night and Thursday, however, it is possible that for the first few hours Wed eve, there could be pockets of freezing rain/drizzle here, esp in the many valleys.Otherwise, occasional showers Wednesday night thru much of Thursday is expected. Colder Friday thru the weekend, with possible Lake-Effect Friday and Saturday. We’ll see on that, as wind direction is crucial for it to hit us. Finally, I can look far enough into the future for Christmas Eve. The computer models ARE predicting a decent storm to be near, but as of RIGHT NOW, and it can EASILY change, the storm appears to take the western/warm track, so it doesnt look too promising for snow. But ALOT can change in 13 days.


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