Just damp and drizzly for the next 72

The cold front that has crawled through at the pace of molasses-goin-uphill has crossed the land, barely, but weak impulses (small storms) are moving up along it, and keeping the moisture content high, ergo my ongoing forecast of “overcast, with an occasional mist or flurry” through Thursday. In fact, a significant storm will be the last impulse, and looks like it will barely miss us later Wednesday, or we’d be looking at serious snowfall finally! But, it doesnt appear in the cards, so unless you’re travelling towards southeastern NY Wednesday evening or Thursday, it’s just “gloomy”. It probably is worth noting though, that with gradually falling temperatures each day, bu tomorrow night, this mist will probably become freezing drizzle, a seemingly innocuous but often serious problem. Think about it…night, dark, barely cold enough (so it’s not OBVIOUSLY cold), a light mist…and boom…roads become skating rinks. Keep that in mind Wednesday night around here.

Meanwhile, the forecast is simple: Overcast through Thursday. Occasional mist and fog. Mist freezes Wednesday night. Lows tonight near 36F, highs Wednesday only near 42F (at best), tomorrow night near 28F, and highs Thursday barely reaching 38F.


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