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Drizzly till midday Saturday, then the quiet before the storm :)

Damp and drizzly weather Friday night through midday Saturday, with temperatures hardly moving. slightly milder air south of the area will be pushing in, offsetting the night time air, and the heavy moisture in the air will prevent big temp swings through New Years Eve. After a low Friday night near 33F, expect a high around or just above 40F Saturday, upper 30s at Midnite, low 30s by morning, and Sunday should be a very mild start to 2012, highs nearing 45F! Clouds will thicken again, and light rain is forecast for later Sunday or at night.

However, this is where the story turns…quite interesting.

The storm wont produce much itself, however, it will start wrapping up like an ice-dancer pulling in her arms, and the effect will be strong winds, off Lake Ontario by midday Monday, this will produce bands of heavy snow, which will only likely get heavier at night through midday Tuesday. I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to snowfall amounts, but an early guess would let me think 6″ could EASILY fall, and the upper limit could very well be well over a foot, especially west or northwest of Utica…but remember that would be for all of Monday and Tuesday. The heaviest action appears to take place Monday night through midday Tuesday.


Yo Yo temps, here we go again!

After a cold night last night, tonight will again feature rising overnight temps! And, a little light snow (under an inch). Friday looks mostly cloudy, and another weak storm will likely deposit a little light rain Friday evening, which should end as wet snow Saturday morning. Either way, skies will clear up in time for Saturday night, and New Years starts out with some sun, but ends cloudy with more light rain or snow in the evening. Now comes the fun part. That storm will become a big wind-maker, and will create a good amount of Lake-Effect for Monday into Tuesday. It is entirely possible for a decent amount of snow from this event. I have high confidence that “some” snow will fall, and it will turn bitterly cold too, with driving winds. I will try and pin it down as best I can tomorrow night, since you wont see nor here me again till Monday, if I dont.


I love it when all goes as planned :)

Makes my day so much easier and pleasant 🙂 Thank you, Mother Nature!

Well, we finally picked up a little snow, (no official numbers in yet, but the Tughill looks like it did very well). And the snow is indeed winding down as expected, early this evening. It has indeed turned much colder, and expect temps to wind their way down to the 10F degree mark tonight, so put that log on the fire. A weak system will come by tomorrow evening, bringing a little bit of light snow. Yet another storm will also bring some light snow (or rain) Friday too. New Years eve, fortunately, looks very quiet, so that’s perfect. But as mentioned previously, a small storm bringing a little light snow Sunday evening will have the dramatic effect of turning on the Lake-Effect snow machine Monday through Tuesday, perhaps big-time! It looks like a wind-maker, and if the direction is even reasonably close, folks just may NOT be going back to work or school, we’ll see 🙂


A VERY active weather pattern

You will need a pocket calendar to kep up with all that is weather for the next 7 days! I will try to be “Readers Digest” brief.

A storm is obviously moving through tonight. As you see by now, it is indeed, as forecast, a rainmaker. The rain turns to just a soft drizzle by Midnight. Temps stay mild till then, near 40F. But after, a cold front waiting for this storm to pass, will zoom through, turning temps sharply colder. In fact, once temps start falling after Midnight, they will just keep falling all day and night tomorrow! And with that cold air pouring over Lake Ontario, expect some snow showers late tomorrow morning and afternoon. Maybe a minor accumulation. That will end early evening. Then just getting very cold. By the time Thursday afternoon gets here, a minor storm will have caught all this stuff passing through, so more snow showers are forecast. Again, a minor accumulation. Friday, another smal storm will be here already, as systems get backed up. Another minor accumulation. So, while each system after tonight is “minor”, in total they could create some ongoing accumulation. New Years Eve continues to look quiet. But Sunday, yet another small storm will bring snow showers (minor accumulation). More importantly than that, and take this for what it’s worth, since just a slight change in the weather charts can change everything, but the setup BEHIND that Sunday storm looks like a moderate Lake-Effect/snow squall event…which starts early Monday and continues through Tuesday. This is back to work/school for most, so this would have a major impact on activities, if it pans out. Just an fyi.


Many happy returns (?)

The day after Christmas is traditionally all about  that, as well as bargain hunters. And the weeks’ weather will have many returns, as quick changing weather will be hard to keep up with! Also, it will feature alot of backwards activity, where temps fall int he day time and rise at night, and it snows in the day and rains at night! So, rather than confuse you any more than necessary, here’s the deal as I see it.

Tonight, clearing skies. Simple. Low near 25. Tuesday, increasing clouds and precip starting late in the afternoon or early evening. It could start as snow, but even if it did, it will quickly become rain. Highs wont occur until those evening hours, around or just above 40F. Rain ends overnight, but a wind shift brings in colder air very very quickly early Wednesday, and a brief “Lake-effect” event is likely, with snow showers Wednesday morning, ending in the afternoon with clearing skies before we even get to evening. Wednesday will also feature falling temperatures, not rising! Cold night Wednesday night. Thursday, again increasing clouds, with snow this time, in the afternoon. Minor accumulation. Then another storm promises more snow Friday! So, get out your pocket calendar, it’s alot to remember!


Twas two nights before Christmas

And nothing has changed. We still have green grass, nothing’s been re-arranged.

So we’ll just have some flurries, tonight for awhile, and then just the cold, as Old Man Winter turns down the dial.

Saturday will be quiet, with skies clearly up, and temps will make you shiver, and reach for a cocoa cup.

The holiday itself weatherwise will have little fanfair, although we always have St Nick, soon to be there.

So as we close the work week, and head towards “good night”, I’ve already told Snowmizer to go fly a kite!

Merry Christmas to all 🙂


‘Twas a few nights before Christmas…

Twas a few nights before Christmas, and all the viewers were calling, if the snow in the forecast, would ever start falling?

But the Meteorologist told them, please do not fear, for by Friday morning, the snow will be here.

And it will start falling, overnight Thursday night. Though it may start as rain, Mother Nature will make it right.

It may melt on the roadways, so that travellers can get by, but on cartops, grass and sidewalks, it might pile 1-3 inches high.

And while it will likely be too late for the kids to get out of school, they can at least have a snowball fight, and that’d be “kinda kewl”.

The temps will turn colder, overnight Thursday night, and wont climb far up Friday, to everyone’s delight.

And Friday night will be quite cold, to keep the fresh snow in it’s place, in hopes that by Christmas, warm weather weather wont erase.

And though just clouds and an occasional flurry are forecast for the weekend ahead, you can always have fairies and sugarplumbs dance in your head.

And I heard the Weatherman say, as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night 🙂