Colder air is here…plus, a November to remember!

A preliminary monthly summary follows below.

Colder air on the rear of yesterday’s storm is in, and will stick around through Friday. All flurries/sprinkles will end early this evening, and other than the chance for flurries later Friday afternoon, no other precipitation is expected through early Monday. Temps will begin to moderate over the weekend, but while they’ll approach 50F, they wont go racing through the 50s for awhile now. However, I also don’t see any longterm arctic outbreaks either. Just spells a bit above and below norms for the near future.

As for tonight…

Any flurries from the remnants of the most recent storm will be out of here early evening, and clouds should clear up by Midnight. It has turned noticeably colder, and tonight we should see temps fall into the mid 20sF. Thursday looks bright, but chilly, highs near 43F. Mostly clear and cold again at night, and while Friday starts out bright, I think it ends with a few hours of light flurries, no accumulation. The weekend is fair, but the brighter of the two days is definitely Saturday.

As for the month of November, and keeping in mind that record-taking has been broken, and have been taken at multiple places over the past 120 years, which diminishes the overall value of such, that being said, the four warmest Novembers on record in Utica are as follows:

Average MEAN temperature (ie, when you average all the highs and all the lows for the month, you get the “mean”):

44.8F (Nov ’75)




This November, and remember, we are pending tonight’s coldest temperature before midnight, which will go a few degrees colder, our MEAN temp sits at 44.1F, which would make this the 4th warmest on record! I guess we’ll know in a few hours if it’s the 4th or 5th, but either way, it’s a top 5!


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