Multiple days of 60F degree weather? And more coming? Wow~!

Well, this amazing warm pattern continues. And while it’s easy to say, “We’ll pay for it in Spring”, there’s no “inverse relationship” between the two…which is to say, Mother Nature draws no connection to give us “payback’. The pattern is the pattern, there’s no emotion involved. Just science. Now, getting back to my first sentence, unseasonably warm weather continues, through Wednesday. Both past weekend days touched 60F, and while today’s 60F is not a record, tomorrow will be. Temps will cool off some 10-12 degrees for Wednesday, and another 5-10 for Thursday and Friday, but even then, they will STILL be several degrees above average for the time of year! We sit in mist and fog tonight and early tomorrow, before a steady rain sets in tomorrow NIGHT. It will rain until early Wednesday, then break off into just an occasional sprinkle during the day Wednesday. No further precip until possible Friday flurries. By the way, Tuesday’s record high is a very cool one, 47F, and we’ll break that by Midnight tonight, heading up towards 60+ Tuesday. (Keep in mind, records in the area have a very broken history, moving from place to place over the past 120 years). But 60F is still warm in anybody’s book!


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