Big storm coming….

With Wednesday being the heaviest travel day of the year, we are both fortunate, and not so much. Here’s why. Not so much because a storm is moving through, and any storm will have some impact on travel. Fortunate because MOST of the event will be rain, not ice or snow, which would have made things 100 times worse!

This storm will move through quickly, with the sequence of events being…wet snow at the onset early Tuesday evening, then to rain…heavy at times overnight, then winding down very early Wednesday morning. Then, we are in for sporadic lighter showers through early afternoon, and finally, a changeover to wet snow showers until sunset. Rapid clearing will then ensue, ensuring a fantastic and lengthy stretch of nice weather, for Turkey Day, through most of the upcoming weekend. Temps tonight will hold steady in the upper 30s, low 40s early tomorrow, then back down tomorrow afternoon through the 30s, to lows in the mid 20s overnight. Thursday, highs in the upper 40s, Friday in the upper 50s!

The “reason” for the changeover twice through the event is the valleys. Cold air sinks low, getting trapped in valleys. It will actually be warmer in higher elevations tonight and tomorrow! The warm front air will penetrate there eaasier, but it will take time for the the cold air to be scoured out of the lower valleys.


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