Chunk o’ chilly comin in right now!

Colder weather is here, and it will stick around through Saturday. Rainshowers today will end early this evening, with mostly cloudy skies lingering overnight through tomorrow. Lows tonight will be near 34F. Friday, those clouds will start producing snow showers in the afternoon, but with no accumulation. Highs on Veterans Day will only be in the lower half of the 40s! Flurries could linger into early Saturday, but skies will slowly clear up in the afternoon, highs in the upper 40s. Sunday looks nice for the daylight hours, and warmer, with highs into the 50s.

For the meteorologically-minded, it is all from the upper level (jet stream) level low pressure that supports the surface storm. winds carrying Lake moisture behind the storm add to it, so some diced pockets of snow/rain showers will come through randomly Friday and early Saturday.

On a different note, a pattern change is now coming, I can see it. Midweek next week, the jet stream will no long come down from western Canada into the nation’s midsection, then veer back up into eastern Canada. It will dip south, starting from the Pacific, straight across the High Plains, into Southern New England. This puts us in a more active weather pattern (think 1/4 mile track, fast…quick action), and it puts us to the north of the jet, which means the colder side. So, colder weather, which has only come for a day or two up till now, with this new pattern, will stick around longer, for as long as that pattern change lasts.


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