Find the shorts for Wednesday! Record-warmth coming!

Ok, get a load of this. yesterday, I could easily see tomorrow going to 70F degrees. Well, guess what? It’ll happen. In fact, a few spots today hit 70F! Tomorrow’s will be record-setting, and in some cases, by a lot.

The reason being, a warm front passed through today, to our north. Behind it is always warmer air, and in this case, record setting warmth. Several storms in the Midwest will skirt through to our northwest, up the St Lawrence River Valley…which…if you recall from my Winter Forecast just a few Mondays ago, I said as long as that continues, we will be on the warm side of storms, with rain, not snow, when they come through. Well, I see no change in the pattern through Tuesday of next week.

Skies will be a little hazy tonight and tomorrow, but otherwise, plenty of moonshine/sunshine. Lows tonight will be very mild, in the mid 40s! That’s close to where our HIGH temps should be for the time of year! A front will swing through Thursday, bringing a few rainshowers, and about a 20 degree temperature drop…for Friday
through the weekend. In fact, we could even see a few flurries later Friday! But the weekend looks much more like a typical November weekend. Enjoy Wednesday! It can’t last!


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