First week of November, quiet and mild :)

At the jet stream level (50-60,000 feet), the flow comes out of the Canadian Rockies, down the U.S. Rockies, and then something interesting happens. The flow SPLITS. Like having a big boulder in a river, where the river is forced to split around it, there is a “split” just east of the Rockies, so that cold fronts out of (western) Canada retreat up into (eastern) Canada, but storms coming out of those Rockies take the southern branch, moving off the mid-Atlantic coast, with our area bring too far north for rain (or snow) from them. This pattern looks like it may continue for a few weeks, maybe more…and is a typical phenomenon of La Nina Winters. An interesting side note on this pattern, southeastern/mid-Atlantic states often get snow, much more than in ordinary winters. We’ll see how this Winter goes.

As for the forecast;

What a fabulous 36 hours ahead! High pressure did indeed clear out the clouds
midday Tuesday, right on cue. Leaves us with clear moonlit skies at night, lows
in the low 30s. Wednesday will be mostly sunny and quite mild, highs approaching
60F! Wednesday night will be fair and mild, and while Thursday will still stay
mild, clouds increasing will prevent a shot at 60F. But that next system, and
another Sunday night and Monday, will both be luck to bring us anything more
than a period of cloudiness. So, no arctic outbreaks coming yet, and no storms
in sight!

One final note: Clocks go back this Saturday night!


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