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Colder air is here…plus, a November to remember!

A preliminary monthly summary follows below.

Colder air on the rear of yesterday’s storm is in, and will stick around through Friday. All flurries/sprinkles will end early this evening, and other than the chance for flurries later Friday afternoon, no other precipitation is expected through early Monday. Temps will begin to moderate over the weekend, but while they’ll approach 50F, they wont go racing through the 50s for awhile now. However, I also don’t see any longterm arctic outbreaks either. Just spells a bit above and below norms for the near future.

As for tonight…

Any flurries from the remnants of the most recent storm will be out of here early evening, and clouds should clear up by Midnight. It has turned noticeably colder, and tonight we should see temps fall into the mid 20sF. Thursday looks bright, but chilly, highs near 43F. Mostly clear and cold again at night, and while Friday starts out bright, I think it ends with a few hours of light flurries, no accumulation. The weekend is fair, but the brighter of the two days is definitely Saturday.

As for the month of November, and keeping in mind that record-taking has been broken, and have been taken at multiple places over the past 120 years, which diminishes the overall value of such, that being said, the four warmest Novembers on record in Utica are as follows:

Average MEAN temperature (ie, when you average all the highs and all the lows for the month, you get the “mean”):

44.8F (Nov ’75)




This November, and remember, we are pending tonight’s coldest temperature before midnight, which will go a few degrees colder, our MEAN temp sits at 44.1F, which would make this the 4th warmest on record! I guess we’ll know in a few hours if it’s the 4th or 5th, but either way, it’s a top 5!


Another day, another record high!

A storm spinning to our sputhwest takes a warm track again, to our west, meaning rain…not snow. The storm track persists this way, so expect no snow storms in our immediate future.

Another day, another record high (62F, old record=47!). Colder air is coming, for tomorrow, and will last through the weekend. But even still, it will only bring us down to slightly ABOVE normal for the time of year. Weather-wise, a rainy night is in store. A storm spinning across Ohio is moving through to our west again (warm track), and will mean rain through most of the night. It should shut off around 2-4AM, but clouds will dominate our Wednesday. I can’t rule out a few sprinkles tomorrow, but that’s all I expect. By evening, it could turn to flurries. Skies will clear up tomorrow night, and Thursday looks like a partly sunny day. Friday starts out partly sunny, but another (and very weak) system will bring some flurries to the second half of the day.


Multiple days of 60F degree weather? And more coming? Wow~!

Well, this amazing warm pattern continues. And while it’s easy to say, “We’ll pay for it in Spring”, there’s no “inverse relationship” between the two…which is to say, Mother Nature draws no connection to give us “payback’. The pattern is the pattern, there’s no emotion involved. Just science. Now, getting back to my first sentence, unseasonably warm weather continues, through Wednesday. Both past weekend days touched 60F, and while today’s 60F is not a record, tomorrow will be. Temps will cool off some 10-12 degrees for Wednesday, and another 5-10 for Thursday and Friday, but even then, they will STILL be several degrees above average for the time of year! We sit in mist and fog tonight and early tomorrow, before a steady rain sets in tomorrow NIGHT. It will rain until early Wednesday, then break off into just an occasional sprinkle during the day Wednesday. No further precip until possible Friday flurries. By the way, Tuesday’s record high is a very cool one, 47F, and we’ll break that by Midnight tonight, heading up towards 60+ Tuesday. (Keep in mind, records in the area have a very broken history, moving from place to place over the past 120 years). But 60F is still warm in anybody’s book!


Record-setting temps!

Friday, records fell, with highs in the upper 50s (57F in Rome, broke the old record of 54F). We’ll do it again Saturday, with highs around 60! (Rome record=54F). Skies will have a high overcast right on through Sunday morning, but thin enough for the moon and sun to burn through. Be aware of some valley fog late at night. Sunday night through Monday morning, a cool front will pass through, bringing showers. Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon should be dry, but a decent rainstorm is in the offing Tuesday night through midday Wednesday. Much colder air will follow.


It’s a “cool” Turkey Day Thursday!

Skies will vary from partly to mostly cloudy tonight, but a clearing trend IS coming, for tomorrow and through most of Saturday, along with unseasonably mild temperatures, way up into the 50s each day. The next chance for rain (or snow) is rain, and on Sunday, especially afternoon and evening, which could linger into Monday. Tonight’s lows should only fall off towards the freezing mark, and then temps climb into the mid to upper 50s Friday, and near 60 for Saturday!


Plenty to be thankful for, this holiday :)

A large sprawling area of High Pressure is dominating almost 2/3rds of the country, including our territory soon enough, so weather will be very very tranquil here and for almost the entire lower 48 states for the holiday weekend, so alot to be thankful for, weather-wise…travel-wise, etc.

Most weather systems have been shoved up into Canada, so the only clouds will come from them passing through to our north, until Sunday. By then, a storm will form in the southeastern US, and will couple up with a Canadian cold front, and bring us some rain late in the weekend, and into early next week.

So, for tonite, clearing and seasonably cold. Lows in the mid 20s. Thanksgiving, sunny with a  high in the upper 40s. Friday, ditto, but even milder, mid to upper 50s! Saturday and Sunday lower 50s.


Big storm coming….

With Wednesday being the heaviest travel day of the year, we are both fortunate, and not so much. Here’s why. Not so much because a storm is moving through, and any storm will have some impact on travel. Fortunate because MOST of the event will be rain, not ice or snow, which would have made things 100 times worse!

This storm will move through quickly, with the sequence of events being…wet snow at the onset early Tuesday evening, then to rain…heavy at times overnight, then winding down very early Wednesday morning. Then, we are in for sporadic lighter showers through early afternoon, and finally, a changeover to wet snow showers until sunset. Rapid clearing will then ensue, ensuring a fantastic and lengthy stretch of nice weather, for Turkey Day, through most of the upcoming weekend. Temps tonight will hold steady in the upper 30s, low 40s early tomorrow, then back down tomorrow afternoon through the 30s, to lows in the mid 20s overnight. Thursday, highs in the upper 40s, Friday in the upper 50s!

The “reason” for the changeover twice through the event is the valleys. Cold air sinks low, getting trapped in valleys. It will actually be warmer in higher elevations tonight and tomorrow! The warm front air will penetrate there eaasier, but it will take time for the the cold air to be scoured out of the lower valleys.