An eerie site of clouds and moon tonite!

(All of a sudden, I’m Bobby Pickett with a new version of the Monster Mash!)

An eerie sky with lots of clouds and little moon tonight, but no rain or snow in site. Temperatures will be dropping off into the mid 30s overnight. Highs tomorrow in the middle 50s, with decreasing clouds by Noon. Some very nice weather for the first couple days of November, mostly sunny later Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and though Thursday skies wuill cloud up, all three days we’ll enjoy highs in the 50s. Clouds clear up by early Friday, and another fine stretch continues through the rest of Friday through most of Sunday!

As for the Meteorology end, what we have at the jet-stream level is called a “split flow” pattern. If you have familiarity with either engineering or hydrology, you probably know what I mean. The short version is, say you put a large object in the flow of a river. What happens to the river flow? It “splits” around the object. That’s the jet stream pattern, across the eastern third of the nation. So, systems coming out of the west are forced to divide up, only to meet again out in the open Atlantic, to our east, but only after passing (missing) us. So, we only get clouds from tonight’s and from Thursday’s system, and from next Sunday night’s as well, and the colder air behind them stays mostly bottled up with the northern “branch” of flow, to out northwest. The pattern will probably hold for another couple weeks, if not more, so the only chances for “foul” weather is if a system taking one of the two branches is able to get close enough to us as it moves by.


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