Saturday’s coastal storm may track closer to us!

Recall all week the coastal storm I mentioned would just bring us clouds Saturday.

Well, Friday night will be quiet with increasing clouds, and lows in the 20s. This coastal storm now looks like it track some 50-100 miles closer to the coast, so that some of the fringe light snow will make it in here Saturday evening. This shouldnt be more than a little “nuisance”, with just flurries north of Rome, maybe an inch or so Utica/Clinton, Hamilton/Ilion, and 1-2″ south, like in Oneonta. Regardless, it clears out for a bright Sunday, highs near 50F. Monday, increasing clouds, but that system looks more and more innocuous, so just clouds, highs in the upper 40s. And Tuesday and Wednesday will be bright, and warmer, highs in the low 50s and upper 50s respectively!


But it just goes to show you, how, from 5, 4, 3 days away, a storm track change of just 50-100 miles (tiny, by meteorological standards), makes a difference in a forecast for the path of that storm.


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