Snow on the way! Twice!

Ok, do I have a forecast for you. It involves snow…not once, but twice!
As I said before, we are in a “frequently stormy” pattern.
One will increase clouds tonight, with rain after 2am. Lows tonight near 40F.
Rain tomorrow morning will peeter out to drizzly type stuff in the afternoon through
the night. Highs in the upper 40sF.

The next storm will track a little further to our south, close enough for precip to hit us, but far enough for cold enough air for snow to be involved. Here’s how I see it. Rain again very early Thursday through late morning. Snow mixes in and takes over, FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, from late morning through evening. So, it will change from rain to snow SOONER in say Rome, Remsen and Poland than it will in Cooperstown, Oneonta, and Hamilton. Several inches are likely to accumulate Thursday evening (rooftops, trees, and grassy surfaces…not roadways). Snow will end at night, and Friday will be fair. Saturday a coastal storm will bring more clouds, and Sunday still looks nice. Monday, a weak system will bring what looks like all
snow…showers…to the area, much of the day, maybe a couple inches worth. So, two (good) chances for snow here, so stay in my loop! Updates as necessary!


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