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One gloomy weekend of weather

Looks like a rainy weekend, with rain beginning early Saturday and continuing
through the evening. It will break off into more sporadic lighter showers for
Sunday, but both days will be cloudy, cool, breezy, gloomy. The clouds will
start breaking up Monday, but not till Tuesday will it be brighter versus
cloudier. Once the skies do clear up though, a great, long stretch of weather
continues through next Friday, and temperatures warm back up again.


Wet weather continues…

Well, unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of not-so-great news. Yes,
storms are clearing through this evening, and most of the night will be
rain-free now, but it’s the weekend that bothers me. Another little line of
showers will move in while we sleep in the wee hours of the morning Friday, but
most of Friday could be rain-free. However, this “parent” storm that is driving
all this weather lately needed to get a boot in the back by an approaching cold
front, that I’ve been advertising will bring a chill to the air over the
weekend. However, and allow me to use an analogy to explain this, that cold
front may put a real damper on the weekend. Here’s why. Think bowling or
billiards. We all watch what the ball (or cue-ball) HITS and we watch what
happens. But do you watch the bowling ball or the cue-ball? Whatever it hits,
slows down the ball and deflects it too. Well, the cold front (ball/cue-ball in
this example) will get way slowed-down now, and will hang over the area over the
weekend. The cool air will still get in, but the showers from the front itself
will make for periods of light, nuisance rain, a cold rain, from Saturday
afternoon, all the way through Sunday evening. And with highs BARELY breaking
50F, it won’t be very nice to be outside. The lengthy window of sunshine and
warmer temps I promised are still coming, but they’re backed up a day and a half
now, not beginning till later Monday and going through Thursday of next


Rain tonight, tomorrow, Friday too

Thunderstorms will gradually fizzle out tonight, but will return later tomorrow morning afternoon and night, with the heaviest rain at night tomorrow. Friday looks cloudy, cool and damp, with a few lighter showers and a crack of thunder. Saturday there will be hints of sun, but heavy clouds and some sprinkles. But Sunday skies should improve to at least partly sunny, though temps will be very cool, highs both weekend days only in the 50s! It’s all the same storm from over a week ago, that’s bringing the rains, then the cool stuff for the weekend.


Heavy rain is SO close!

Straddling I-81 right now. However, the sun setting will help kill the storms before they get here, so worst case is a brief early evening t-shower. Followed by…yup…fog. However, the storm creating these will inch closer and closer, so tomorrow, they should be able to get here before sunset, and probably for much of Thursday, expect rain and thunder. The trend is definitely cooler, so that after the storm passes, the weekend will be markedly cooler! get thee ready, for fall weather is coming, this weekend!


RECORD high temps today!

It won’t last very long, though. We set records all across the Empire State, and in Rome’s case, we shattered it by 10 degrees, at 83F! The temps will slowly turn downward, and clouds will increase later tonight, with the risk for a T-shower Tuesday afternoon and a better chance for several showers Wednesday. Thursday may just be a washout, and by then, temps will be in the 60s.


Heavy rains Friday night, but we may luck out with the weekend

(Try to find Utica in that mess!)

After a stormy Friday night, the rain should come to an abrupt end around daybreak Saturday, and with any luck at all, the skies will break up some by midday and the rest of the weekend will be partly cloudy, warm and humid. It should extend into most of Monday, but showers could return later in the day and Tuesday looks like a total washout right now. It’s all from the same super-slow-moving storm, which needs another 5-6 days just to clear the region! The weekend could be nice for leaf-peepers, and on another note, I can foresee a possible chill-down in one week, with a storm arriving (next) Friday evening with rain, but ending as wet snow flurries! We’ll see it that comes together.


You remember yesterday? You saw today?


It seems that way, and I see no changes till MAYBE Wednesday, which could be a dry day. Until then, it’s the same pattern. Low clouds and fog at night, maybe a few breaks of sun through the clouds the hours around midday, then afternoon thundershowers which die out before midnight that night. Temps will stay up, with highs in the 70s, lows in the mid 50s to 60. I see no outbreaks of cold air on the horizen yet, though we both know that is a matter of time. Friday is the first day of Autumn, so it’s time for Fall Foliage, and this weekend, if you’re so inclined, counties to the north would be the direction to go for a “drive through the woods”. It won’t look like pic “A” just yet, it’ll be alot like “B”. But “A” is coming…